Practical information

Laboratoire des Systèmes Perceptifs

Yves Boubenec
Jennifer Lawlor
Length of internship
2 months, starting anytime
French or English

The activity of neuromodulatory nuclei such as the Locus Coeruleus and the Nucleus Basalis are strongly coupled with arousal and attentional states. It has been shown (in rats and monkeys) that both nuclei project to most of the cortex and modulate cell activity. Furthermore, the neuromodulatory input is believed to be reflected in pupil diameter baseline, as well as pupil evoked dilation. We recorded in 3 different cortical areas (auditory and frontal) of awake behaving and passively listening ferrets while recording their pupil size. Because neuromodulation affects both cortical activity and pupil size, we hypothesize that local field potential is strongly correlated with pupil size and that those measures correlate with behavioral states. This internship consist of analyzing pre-existing data, a strong grasp of some programming language such as Matlab or Python is therefore required.