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Laboratoire des Systèmes Perceptifs

Christian Lorenzi
Length of internship
3 mois minimum
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Amplitude (AM) and frequency (FM) modulations are distinct features of acoustic stimulation, playing crucial and complementary roles in the identification of communication signals such as speech. However, the mechanisms for storing AM and FM information are still poorly known. The aim of this research project is to characterize the storage duration of these two acoustic features in short-term memory. This will be achieved by measuring the delayed discrimination capabilities (Clement et al., 1999) of AM and FM cues for normal-hearing subjects, namely the effect of the inter-stimulus silent interval (ISI) on performance discrimination (d ') of AM and FM in a discrimination task using a two interval, two alternative forced choice procedure and the method of constant stimuli. A different decay of performance as a function of ISI for AM and FM would reflect a different decay of the memory trace for AM and FM, supporting the hypothesis of two separate modules in short-term memory.


Clément, S., Demany, L., & Semal, C. (1999). Memory for pitch versus memory for loudness. J. Acoust. Soc. Am. 106, 2805-11.