This course will not take place in 2018/2019.

Niveau : MM & Doctorat
Semestre : S1, ECTS : 4
Responsables : Yves Boubenec, Srdjan Ostojic
Type d’enseignement : séminaire
Volume horaire 24h (6 sessions of 4-hour long classes)
Dates: Tuesday morning, every 2-3 weeks Teaching type: Master classes
Introductory session: 02/10/17, 18h, DEC seminar Room 29, rue d'Ulm, Ground floor
Prerequisite: a basic background in math and statistics is welcome.
Contact: boubenec (at)

Course content:
The goal of this course is to bridge key concepts in integrative neurophysiology (such as cortical plasticity, attentional processes, decision-making...) and the state-of-the art in terms of analysis and modeling techniques in neurosciences (receptive fields, stimulus decoding, stimulus classification...). Quantitative analysis are now a major component of integrative neurosciences as they allow testing and formulating predictions based on the large experimental datasets that are nowadays available. In order to provide an outstanding training to students coming from various horizons, 6 key neuroscientists, each expert in a different type of analysis, will present their data and detail their analysis techniques in 4h-long master class (2 x 1h30 + 1h free slot). This course is supported by the Chaire d’excellence of Shihab Shamma.

Schedule of the Master Classes in Quantitative analysis in neurosciences


Intended Audience:
Basic knowledge in neuroscience, together with a basic background in math and statistics is welcome. Example of expected audience are listed below:

  • Master students within the Cogmaster program
  • Master/PhD students with a quantitative background (physics, computer science, mathematics, engineering etc.) that are interested in neuroscience
  • Master/PhD students with a biology/neuroscience background that are interested in quantitative (mathematical) approaches to neuroscience.

The validation of this teaching unit (3ECTS) will be conditioned to the attendance to all sessions, excepted in case of well-motivated and justified absence. In addition, students will be asked to prepare each class with the required materials, depending on the lecturer. At the end of the series of master classes, they will write a personal essay going further into one of the topics tackled in class. Relevant papers will be proposed to guide students in their approach.

Every 2-3 weeks on Tuesday (see schedule above) 9h ? 13h / salle Théodule Ribot (29 rue d'Ulm)

Materials :

Yves'introduction classe:

Stephen's class:

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