Crédits : 6 ECTS (42h)
Langue d’enseignement : English 90%
Horaire : 1er semestre, mardi 9h00 ­– 12h00

Prérequis : Les étudiants qui ont des connaissances limitées en neurosciences ou en psychologie expérimentale sont invités à contacter le responsable du module avant de s’inscrire.

Exam :

The exam is composed of a written and an oral part (equal weight for the grade). Both of these are based on the critical evaluation of one published paper on one of the topics covered in the course. Each paper should be chosen from 2 randomly assigned articles at the beginning of the term.


  • Deadline to return your exam: Tuesday 9 January 2018, 1pm
  • Where to return your exam: send it in PDF format by email to the Cogmaster <mastere at cogmaster dot net>

Choose one of the two papers assigned to you and prepare a written document of no more than 10 pages (everything included; aim for about 2,000 words). Write your evaluation in the style of a “Dispatch” for Current Biology or a “News and Views” for Nature Neuroscience (see "example_written" for an example). Place the work in some broader context, summarise the main findings, and provide your own critical thinking about the work, eventually by referring to other published papers on similar topics. Do not hesitate to copy figures (with references in the caption) or make your own figures if you think this could help.


  • Date of the exam: Tuesday 23 January 2018, 9 – 11am
  • Location of the exam: room L369, 24 rue Lhomond, 75005 Paris

Choose one of the two papers assigned to you and prepare a powerpoint presentation (or whatever software you prefer). The presentation should be no more than 15min (you will be stopped if you attempt to go beyond), and will be followed by 15min of questions by the lecturers of the course. Some papers are dense, packed with a lot of data; if this happens, do not attempt to summarise everything, but instead give the big picture and go in depth on only one or two key points. Clearly distinguish what is in the paper and what is your own critical thinking.

Language (written and oral): Both English and French are acceptable. If you hesitate, go for English.

Please let Pascal know (by email at <pascal dot mamassian at ens dot fr>) which 2 papers you have chosen for the written and oral exams by Tuesday 12 December 2017.

Perception visuelle

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  • Lecture 03 October, 2017 - Pascal Mamassian - General Introduction
  • Lecture 07 November, 2017 — Andrei Gorea — Supporting Material 1
  • Lecture 12 December, 2017 — Laura Dugué — Supporting Material 1