LSP internal journal club

Generative Modeling of the Pictorial Composition in Abstract Linear Paintings

Pierre Lelièvre (LSP)
Informations pratiques
12 décembre 2018

Paul Langevin room, 1st floor, 29 rue d'Ulm 75005 Paris


This session will present the very beginning of Pierre Lelièvre's PhD project, supervised by Peter Neri from the LSP and funded by the SACRe program (Sciences, Art, Creation and Research - ENS Doctoral school).

Continuing theoretical artistic concepts from the moderns, this project aims at defining a model and a metric of the pictorial composition by the mean of deep learning tools and visual perception studies. This work will also try to discuss local/global vision mechanism as a problem of pictorial element/unit segmentation, as well as to question universality in art through the measurement of recurrent/invariant graphical patterns.