• Updated
23 April 2018

ERC Advanced Grants 2017: four winning projects at ENS, among which two at the DEC.

The European Research Council (ERC) has announced the recipients of its 2017 Advanced Grants, awarded researchers well known in their fields. Four winning projects at ENS, among which two at the DEC.


  • Philipe Schlenker, CNRS researcher at the Institut Jean-Nicod for ORISEM project. Objective: To lay the groundwork for a general theory (“Super Semantics”) that will offer a comparative analysis of meaning in language (spoken and signed languages), in gestures, in music, and in primate communication, and will probe the cognitive and evolutionary origins of these diverse semantic systems.
  • Shihab Shamma, researcher at Laboratoire des Systèmes Perceptifs, for NEUME project: Neuroplasticity and the Musical Experience.

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