• Updated
24 September 2020

Six researchers from the DEC have obtained an ANR funding

The first results of the 2019 AAPG (Appel À Projet Générique) have just been announced, six researchers from the DEC have obtained an ANR funding:

At the Institut Jean Nicod (IJN)

  • Paul Egré for the AMBISENSE project, Access to perceptual ambiguity: behavioural, metacognitive and physiological measures of perception in situations of uncertainty.
  • Benjamin Spector for the ProbaSem projet: Probabilistic semantics and
  • Valérian Chambon for the CIRCLE project: Choice and information as cognitive rewards that improve the level of control.
  • Nicolas Baumard for the COGHIST project. Indications of interpersonal trust in paintings and digitized texts: Can social cognition contribute to cultural history?

At the Laboratoire des Systèmes Perceptifs (LSP)

  • Claudia Lunghi for the PlaStiC Sensory, Motor and Cognitive Plasticity project in adults, and Peter Neri for the NewPiTCH project: New generation psychometric tools to characterize hearing efficiency and deficits.

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