Human Auditory Ecology workshop. Foundations of a new interdisciplinary field

A unique pluridisciplinary workshop

This pluridisciplinary workshop aimed at reflecting on the possibility of moving behavioral, neuroscientific, computational and clinical hearing sciences towards the study of the human auditory system's ability to perceive the ecological processes at work in natural habitats using the tools, data, concepts and theories offered by modern ecoacoustics.

Confidence, uncertainty, and the difference

Abstract: It’s widely thought that metacognitive processes monitor and represent the uncertainty in different parts of the mind and brain, enabling sophisticated forms of cognitive and behavioural control. However, theoretical models have recently stressed that metacognition and uncertainty aren’t the same thing – and there may be a variety of representations about uncertainty or ‘precision’ throughout our perceptual and cognitive systems that are separate from those involved in subjective metacognition and conscious reflection.

Pedagogical and scientific collaboration in cognitive science between the ENS and Taras Shevchenko National University, Kiev

Comment est née cette initiative ?

Univ kievLe contexte actuel a motivé notre décision. Ce projet s'est construit spontanément avec l'intention d'exprimer notre solidarité vis-à-vis de nos collègues Ukrainiens. Nous avons donc envoyé un message à faculté de psychologie de l'Université Taras Shevchenko de Kiev pendant l'été 2023.